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Joining the CLGA

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CLGA Benefits of Membership

CLGA is recognized by the Canadian Government as the voice of genetic exporters. During times of market closures, CLGA works closely with the government of Canada to ensure that adequate resources ae available to normalize trade as quick as possible. CLGA members have input to setting these priorities to restore markets.

CLGA also works closely with the Government of Canada to establish Canadian animal health policy to optimize market access.

Members of CLGA also participate in high level government missions to develop trade in many of the emerging markets around the world.

Included Benefits

Benefits of membership in the Canadian Livestock Genetics Exporters Association include:

  • Exposure to an international audience of people looking for top Canadian genetics
  • Secure members access to any genetic tenders received by CLGA
  • Participation in funding that is used by the Association to develop markets around the world
  • Participation in the development of market access priorities
  • Your voice ensuring adequate resources and support for the genetic exporting industry

Membership Levels

Bovine Semen Members

Full Members:

Actively market genetic products which they may or may not produce. Access to product tenders received by CLGA.

Associate Members:

Custom collect only.

Live Cattle Members

Full Members:

Export cattle and participate in market development. Access to live cattle tenders received by CLGA.

Associate Members:

Export cattle but do not utilize AgriMarketing funding.

Embryos (ET Members)

Full Members:

Actively market bovine genetic products which they may or may not produce. Access to embryo tenders received by CLGA.

Associate Members:

Export bovine embryos but do not utilize AgriMarketing funding.

Affiliate Members:

Produce embryos for export.

Poultry Genetic Members

Full Members:

Export day old chicks or hatching eggs.

Small Ruminant Members

Full Members:

Export live sheep or goats, semen or embryos. Access to small ruminant tenders received by CLGA.

Related Organizations and Herdbooks

Full Members:

Participate in market development and AgriMarketing funding.

Affiliate Members:

Support growing genetic exporters and provide support products or services.

Annual Fee Structure

Membership fees are reviewed and determined by the Board of Directors on an annual basis.   Please contact the office with any questions relating to membership fees nd the benefits of CLGA to the genetic exporters of Canada.

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