The Canadian Livestock Genetics Association is a nationwide, not-for-profit trade association representing the market access and animal health interests of those involved in the sale, service and promotion of livestock genetics both domestically and internationally.

Our Mission

CLGA acts on behalf of its members on issues related to market access and animal health through government liaison, fostering industry partnerships and international governmental and non-governmental affiliations

Our Membership

The primary members of the Canadian Livestock Genetics Association are:

  • Live dairy cattle, semen and embryo exporters
  • Poultry genetic exporters supplying day-old chicks and hatching eggs
  • Small Ruminant (sheep and goats) genetic exporters suppling live breeding stock, semen and embryo
  • Dairy breed associations, milk recording agencies and genetic improvement organizations are also members

What We Do

  • Represent the membership’s interest relating to market access
  • Administer market development funding programs
  • Host and coordinate incoming/outgoing missions related to market access
  • Actively participate in the development of Canada’s animal health policies
  • Actively build relationships to effectively lobby on behalf of membership’s interests
  • Represent membership and work with Government officials in times of animal disease outbreak
  • Support the Government of Canada’s trade missions to enhance trade